Academic Staff

Deputy Head

  Research Interests
Cohomology of groups, Ring Theory
Nuclear scattering and reaction theories, Computational mathematics
Atomic Collision Theory, Computational Physics, Atomic PHYSICS
Supply chain management, Application of OR, Inventory and production planning and Simulation
Robust Statistics, Data Analysis
Probabilistic Distribution Theory, Statistical Computation and Simulation, Statistical Data Analysis, Reliability Models, Image Analysis
Subclasses of univalent functions, Mathematics content in teaching mathematics at matriculation level

Professor (Contract)
  Research Interests
Graph Theory, Combinatorial Designs
Multilinear Algebra, Matrix Theory
Combinatorial Group Theory, Number Theory, Mathematical Logic

Associate Professor
  Research Interests
Applied Statistics, Tests Reliability, Mathematics Education
Matrix Theory, Linear and Multilinear Algebra
Graph Theory
Nonlinear Time Series, Bayesian, Survival Analysis
Operational Research, Artifical Intelligence (Genetic Algorithm)
Linear Programming, Dynamic Optimisation and Control Optimisation
Determinant Analysis, Applied Statistics, Image Processing, Numerical Taxonomy
Computer-aided geometric design

Associate Professor (Visiting)
  Research Interests
C*-algebra dynamical system and its representation theory

Senior Lecturer
  Research Interests
Application of wavelet transform,
Bioinformatics, Biostatistics
Differential Geometry
Numerical Analysis and Methods, Global and Local Solutions, Moving Boundary Value Problems Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer and Coastal Engineering
Computer-aided geometric design
Probabilistic Distribution Theory, Statistical Modelling and Inferences
Regression Analysis
Numerical  Methods in Fluid Mechanics
Graph Theory
Analysis, Number Theory, Cryptography
Survival Analysis
Combinatorial Group Theory
Generalized Linear Models, Linear Regression, Educational Statistics
Statistical Mechanics, Complex Systems, Game Theory

Senior Lecturer (Contract)
  Research Interests
Differential Geometry
Extremal Combinatorics, Ramsey Theory, Graph Theory

Senior Lecturer (Visiting)
  Research Interests
Optimal Control Theory
Complex Analysis
Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Nanofluids

  Research Interests
Applied and Computational Statistics; MCMC Simulations
Algebraic Number Theory, Differential Equations
Operations Research
Numerical Analysis

Lecturer (Contract)
  Research Interests
Financial Economics, Bayesian Econometrics
Mathematical Physics

  Research Interests
Wireless and network security, cryptographic applications
  • Dharini A/P Pahmanathan
    B.Sc., M.Sc. (UM)
  • Melody Tan Shi Ai
    B.Sc. (UM)
Applied Mathematics
  • Safwati bt Ibrahim
    B.Dec.Sc. (UUM), M.Sc. (UM)
Applied Statistics
  • Sashirakha A/P Appalasamy
    B.Sc., M.Sc. (UTM)
Applied Mathematics
Statistics, Stochastic Processes
  • Tan Hui Xuan 
    B.Sc. (UM)
Applied Mathematics

  Research Interests
  • Quek Shio Gai 
Group Theory








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